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Female Athlete

Sessions are always tailored to the individual’s needs and goals, addressing any muscular imbalances that may exist.  Implementing a variety of continually progressing exercises to keep the workout challenging and interesting, we will use tools such as free weights, machines, stability and medicine balls, cables, tubing and your own body weight.

Personal Training


  • Personal Training: $135 at upper west side trainers' gym; $130-$145 when travelling to client. Discount for multiple sessions per week.

  • Online: one-on-one Facetime or Zoom sessions, $90 (1 hr) or $75 (45 min). Partner Sessions for two people $100.

  • Inquire about stretching and/or myofascial release sessions centered on Melt Method.


I accept cash, check, Zelle, Venmo, Circle Pay, Cash App


Corporate Consulting

  • Over a decade of experience as a fitness consultant and coach successfully working within an organization's health services programs

  • Customized training programs for able-bodied and disabled athletes of all ages and fitness levels

  • Contact me to learn how this brand of vetted, remote exercise prescription and training programs can benefit your company and the health of your employees.

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