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Fit Woman

~Over 20 years of experience as a personal trainer to guide and inspire you to reach your highest potential~

My Testimonials:

Since training with Barbara, I can honestly say that I've never felt better.  As a musician who tours extensively, performing in concerts for three hours at a time, my energy and stamina have increased dramatically.  And particularly important to me as a guitarist, I have also seen a huge improvement in my posture.  Her training style is organic and fluid, with lots of exercises that combine strength, balance, and flexibility.  Every week, the routine progresses and changes.  It's always new, fun and interesting, and challenging at the same time.  I'm really starting, as if by magic, to feel great from head to toe.  I can't say enough good things about her.

Trey Anastasio of Phish,

The improvement in my overall strength, stamina, balance and muscle tone could never have been a reality without the quiet determination and focused direction Barbara put into every session.  Without allowing me to take the path of least resistance, Barbara was able to gently push me along to a level that I thought was beyond my reach.  I feel better, move better and look better.  Kudos to Barbara!


Barbara's knowledge of human anatomy and love of movement combine to create challenging yet attainable workouts that strengthen, improve balance and overall flexibility. Her range is impressive, altering movements to accommodate individual limitations and mixing it up with new moves to make our workouts interesting and progressive. I recommend Barbara's work highly, without reservation.

Ellie Cox, Director, NYC chapter, Achilles International

I have had the pleasure of knowing Barbara since February 2005, when she became my chiropractic patient and my personal trainer. Through the years, I have come to understand how important it is to do exercises correctly and why doing them incorrectly does more harm than good.  She has a comprehensive understanding of functional movements, use of a variety of strength training equipment, exercise and BOSU balls, including proficiency with kettle bell training, and is competent in explaining each exercise.  I can think of no reservations in recommending Ms. Evans and giving my highest endorsement of her professionalism and knowledge on physical fitness and training.  Her passion and love for coaching people towards a higher degree of physical health, including her energy, will bring great treasures to anyone who works with her on a regular, consistent basis.

Ankur Prakash, DC, Living Well Balanced

I have been referring my patients to Barbara for years with great confidence and results.  Not only is Barbara capable of working you out hard, she is able to work within the limitations caused by disease or injuries and still achieve excellent results.

Louis Angulo, D.C., owner of Back Together Again P.C.

Barbara and I worked together starting in July 2008 when she became the head personal trainer for my motivational exercise program, Running Your Life.  She is always professional and has a positive attitude, which the group members and I appreciate.  In addition to the expertise she brings, Barbara is a pleasure to work with.

Nell Hanks, LCSW, founder of Running Your Life at Friedman Diabetes Institute 

Barbara, thanks so much for all your advice.  Through your direction and suggestions I was able to complete this feat (the New York City Marathon), flexible, relaxed and with a smile on my face!  You are awesome!

Juan Carlos, Running Your Life group member

Physical training yields many rewards.  We were able to stand in standing room last night for 3 1/2 hours watching Madama Butterfly.  The opera was wonderful and we're in chipper shape this morning.  One usher asked how we did it.  We said we have a great physical trainer.  Our sessions together are such a delight...We are so glad you are part of our older, more vibrant years.

Cathie Lyons, retired international health executive & Alice Murphy, retired educator

I was 56 when we started and had damaged disks in my back, had recently broken my wrist, had arthritis and osteoporosis.  General classes to stay in shape were not working for me.  What worked best was working with Barbara three times a week.  She often had to adjust what she had planned for a session to accommodate the problem of the day.  Barbara would figure out an alternative way to perform an exercise so I could exercise the muscle group without hurting myself.  One of the things I admire most about Barbara is the fact that when we are working together, she is totally present.  I have never been injured working with her.  She is not only an excellent trainer, but we have become friends.

Laura Behar, artist

My stretch sessions greatly reduce my chronic hip pain and, after knee and shoulder surgery, they are essential for my muscle and joint health.  They teach me to be flexible in body and mind; to be open to new ways to stretch and exercise.  And I learn something new each time.

Cathie Lyons

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