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Gratitude and Inspiration

Okay. This blog is a bit of a plug, but I just had to share. I recently received a text from a client who has a very intense schedule as a performer/musician. To paraphrase - he is very grateful for the gift I've given him being healthy and in shape to endure a long and frantic night of performing, and all the last-minute craziness leading up to it. Talk about why I do what I do! It is not every day that we are actually thanked for our work with so much expressed appreciation. As a personal trainer, I am actually thanked quite a bit, however, I think partly because of the nature of my business, and partly because I work with amazing people who see the value of their work with me and with exercise. I have to add too, that if they value their health by exercising, and when they see and feel the results, they are inspired to make positive changes in all aspects of their lives, such as eating well. Well, I am inspired by them. It's a good cycle. A 'healthy' cycle, not a vicious one! We all feed off of each other, for better or worse

Trey Anastasio of Phish

. My client is dedicated and puts in the work. I can't do it for him. But the more he and anyone working with me commits to strength and health, the more he gets out of it. Here's to inspiration, dedication and appreciation!

Let's get YOU on board to reaching new fitness heights together -- inspiring each other along the way!

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